These pages contain... errr... well... hmm... ok, very little actually. At least I haven't wasted your time with a pointless & tedious Flash animated splash page...

I suppose you came here for some reason... I wonder what it was?

Sorry, I didn't introduce myself. David Constable of Barnet (North London, UK) here. Who on earth are you?

This site (ok, ok, it is now just a single page) remains in a state of almot permanent limbo whilst it is no longer fiddled around with and left to go slowly mouldy. If you actually want some content, take a look at some other sites I have constructed:


One purpose of having a personal web page (apart from the sheer vanity) is to provide a contact point. Do feel free to drop me an email - you might even get a reply...

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The value of the information on this website may go up as well as down. Written details available on request.

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