Links to some websites of interest

Johnny Collins

George Papavgeris

Graeme Knights

Steve Last

Chris Flegg

Lynne Heraud & Pat Turner - English Puddings features on their CD Parallel

Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman - My Lady At Tescos is a parody of Dave's Lady Of Autumn

Herga Folk Club - Mike is a resident singer at this long established folk club in Harrow

The Herga Mummers - performing the ritual plays of Middlesex

L.A. Guitars - Mike's guitars are set-up by L.A. Strings at their workshop in Barnet

Stainer & Bell - publishers of Sydney Carter's songs

The Guild Players - Finchley's Amateur Drama Group

H and S Productions - scripts & shows by Laurie Heatherington & Mike Sparks

Lazy Bee Scripts - publishers of Mike Sparks' plays