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'Going Round Again' CD

Singing Sydney CD released 2004

Songs by Sydney Carter

  1. Eros
  2. The Crow On The Cradle mp3 sample
  3. Bitter Was The Night
  4. Lord Of The Dance mp3 sample
  5. Judas And Mary mp3 sample
  6. Friday Morning
  7. Silver In The Stubble
  8. Down Below mp3 sample
  9. The Vicar Is A Beatnik
  10. John Ball

All songs written by Sydney Carter
Vocals & Guitar - Mike Sparks
Chorus Vocals - Johnny Collins, Graeme Knights & Bob Hambledon
Recorded at Liberty Hall Studios, New Barnet
Engineered by Phil Cleare & David Millins

The CD was reviewed in "Unicorn" folk magazine:

"Mike Sparks is a well-known singer, songwriter and resident at the Herga Folk Club in North London. His latest project is 'Singing Sydney', an evening of reflection, humour and celebration of the Songs of Sydney Carter. To accompany this project is this CD, featuring 10 of Sydney's songs. Sydney Carter was a folk poet, 'holy sceptic' and iconoclastic theologian and a leading member of the folk revival of the '60s and '70s. He died in 2004, having composed two of the five most popular songs sung in asemblies in British Schools - 'One More Step' and 'Lord of the Dance'. Yet his songs were not all about religion - he wrote about the ageing process in men ('Silver in the Stubble') and as a Londoner born and bred, about his home city ('Eros' and 'Down Below'). All these songs (excepting 'One More Step' - I wonder why?) and others such as 'Judas and Mary' and 'The Vicar is a Beatnik' feature on Mike's CD - a worthy catalogue of the works of a prolific writer and important figure in popular music even to this day."

Unicorn #90 (Apr-Jun 2005)

'Going Round Again' CD

Going Round Again CD released 2003

A selection of Mike's most popular songs

  1. A Potato Has Feelings mp3 sample
  2. Jack Hamble (The Gravedigger) mp3 sample
  3. Ain't It Grand
  4. Leather And Last mp3 sample
  5. St George's Day
  6. Sailing Down The Orwell mp3 sample
  7. The Shades Of Love
  8. English Puddings mp3 sample
  9. Where The River Meets The Sea mp3 sample
  10. Your Country Needs You
  11. Thirteen Florins On The Bar mp3 sample
  12. My Lady At Tescos mp3 sample
  13. Reach For The Gin
  14. Embalming Tommy mp3 sample
  15. Launch The Lifeboat

All tracks written & performed by Mike Sparks
Recordings engineered & produced by David Constable
Tracks 1-10 & 15 recorded on 4/9/2003
Tracks 11-14 recorded on 14/4/1999
CD sleeve layout & design by David Constable

'The Seasons Turn' CD

The Seasons Turn CD released 1999

Limited availability

  1. Reach For The Gin
  2. A Nutting Down In Kent
  3. I Have Served Indentures
  4. Misty Morning On The Orwell mp3 sample
  5. Santa's Shanty
  6. The Anti Shanty mp3 sample
  7. Thirteen Florins On The Bar
  8. My Lady At Tescos
  9. Embalming Tommy
  10. Follow The Hearse
  11. The Greatest Gift
  12. The Seasons Turn mp3 sample

Recorded on 14/4/1999
Engineered and Produced by David Constable

'Mike Sparks Songs' Cassette

Mike Sparks Songs cassette released 1994

NOTE: This cassette is no longer available

Side One

  1. The Jolly Thatcher
  2. The Scrapyard Song
  3. Rod The Drain
  4. Jack Hamble (The Gravedigger)
  5. Newlyweds Reel *
  6. Leather And Last

Side Two

  1. A Potato Has Feelings
  2. English Puddings
  3. The Song Of The Jarrow Marchers **
  4. The Coaching Inns Of Barnet
  5. Sailing Down The Orwell

*  Traditional, arranged by Carole Clarke (Recorder: Carole Clarke, Bodhran: Mike Sparks)
** Written by Charlie Hardy

Recorded on 3/11/1994 at Liberty Hall Studios, Barnet

'Flowers Of Tyneside' CD

Charlie Hardy

Flowers Of Tyneside CD released 2000

A recording of Charlie Hardy performing his own songs

Limited availability

"87 year old Charlie Hardy has been prominent on the North London folk club scene for almost 40 years. Blessed with a fine voice, he has also penned songs mainly about his beloved Tyneside, which have passed into the tradition. These are some of them."

  1. Song Of The Jarrow Marches mp3 sample
  2. Yards Of The Tyne
  3. Cambrian Coals
  4. Flowers Of Tyneside mp3 sample
  5. Blood On The Coals
  6. Down By The River Tyne
  7. Doreen
  8. Tyneside Lament

Recorded on 29/2/2000
Engineered & Designed by David Constable
Produced by Mike Sparks & David Constable